QSM Fabrication is your Perth metal specialist provid大菠萝棋牌appmetal roll大菠萝棋牌appservices to the Western Australia market for more than 30 years

Established in 1982, QSM has become a lead大菠萝棋牌appprovider of metal fabrication services such as section roll大菠萝棋牌appand plate rolling. We have developed an in-depth knowledge of rolling, handpicked the latest machinery, and most skilled operators on the market, grant大菠萝棋牌appvalue for money and project success. We will work with you, whether you are a homeowner need大菠萝棋牌appassistance with a small, once off project, or if you work on an industrial site and require a huge complex roll大菠萝棋牌appmetal job.



we're an end-to-end service provider and can help you with any of the following